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Sizing Coat & Harness

A Dog Coat and Harness measuring guide

For a comfortable well fitted dog coat, it is best to measure your dog from just below the collar line to the beginning of your dogs tail. If your dog is a good healthy weight the correct length of coat should give the correct fit around the girth. The majority of dog coats increase in size every two inches; in even numbers, for example 12inch, 14 inch up to 30". If your dog has a length measurement of say 13 inches it may be better to go for a 14 inch coat rather than a 12 inch to allow for fastening around the girth.  A size larger rather than a size smaller is often better, however there are always exceptions to that rule and we are happy to exchange should you choose the wrong size.

When fitting your dog with one of our dog coats for the first time, we ask that you kindly use the tissue paper provided and place this on the inside of the dog coat before trying it on your dog. This will help prevent any soiling of the coat in case it is the incorrect size and needs to be exchanged. Once you have tried the coat on your dog, we have supplied a little treat from Pets Pantry in the bag; to give to your dog.  

The coat should fit snuggly around your dogs body allowing normal movement when walking and running and free unhampered toilet relief. If your dog hasn't had a coat before, occasionally some dogs need to get used to wearing one and a few short trials with a treat reward normally does the trick.

For harness fitting please refer to the bottom dog diagram on this page.